Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Duck Soup

Friday Gracie had tea with her friend Duck. Here is the result:

Great Job!
But usually you pour it from the pitcher to the cup...

Or the pan.  And it's easier if the pitcher handle
is on the top when you pour...

Oh. Right. Let's do this correctly. Feel free to
pour the water out directly onto the table.
Now onto the cup...

Um, sweetie? The cup.
The CUP... right there next to you?

Yes! By jove, you've got it! A spot of tea!

Uh oh. Well, more than a spot.

More like a fountain.
It's full... you can stop now.

Back to the pot I see. Er, rather almost to the pot.
It really helps if you open your eyes.

One for me, one for you...

Finally! The reward for all that hard work!
How is it?

Ew. Really?

That bad?

Oh goodness.

Yes, let's just serve that one to Duck, shall we?
Looks like you had to drag him to the
table to sample your cooking.
(He thought we were having Duck Soup...)

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