Friday, September 24, 2010

Another Week Gone...

Last night my husband came home and found tufts of hair all over the house.

Gracie was in the bathroom playing with the water faucet, and I was on the couch "feeding" Mark. (Which is to say I was trying to nurse him while he was looking around the room wondering what the heck we were sitting on the couch for.) The tufts of hair were mine. I had been pulling it out all week...

Daddy took one look at me and decided I needed a night off. Boy was he right! This week has been a tough one for me. I took advantage this time (unlike last time) and had my nails done, shopped at Target, and went to McDonald's for some quality internet time. (More on the McDonald's thing later... if I can manage to re-live it via a post.)

The kids did well this week, although a visit to Papa and DeeDee's house helped to undo most of the discipline training I'd worked on last week. I never got away with what my dad and mom let my daughter do. Whatever happened to the two people that raised me?

Speaking of those two people, I must take a moment to say Happy Anniversary to the two most influential people in my life...

Congratulations on 37 years mom and dad!

There were actually two visits to Papa and DeeDee's this week. The first was on Saturday when daddy went to mow the grass on our property next door.

Gracie helped Daddy steer the tractor:
Gracie did most of the mowing, and daddy took the credit.
And she also had fun with the new chicks that had hatched:
Here sweetie, pet the new chick!

Gentle! Gentle!

Um, yes. There is a chick in there somewhere.
I guess we need to stop calling them
Chicken Nuggets.

The above was submitted as part of the:

Then later, Gracie stayed overnight with DeeDee and Papa, so mommy got some one on one time with Mark.

First, just for fun, she took pictures of his new bibs
(so he wouldn't have to wear the pink hand me downs from Gracie):
Uh, mom? This isn't a fashion show is it?

C'mon! You know I have a reputation to uphold!

Oh yeah. That's better...
Yes ladies, you read that right!

 And mommy managed to sort through all the clothes that had been given to the kids.
(Without help from Gracie, who just LOVES helping with laundry.
Thanks to everyone who donates to us - we sure do use what you've given!)

Mommy HATES sorting clothes, but she sure loves
the end result!

Then when we picked up Gracie, they both played on the swing set:

Grace is a pro, even on the "big" swing!

But Mark had never been on a swing before...

Uh, folks? I'm not so sure about this....

Are you sure this is right?

People!?! Are you listening???

We did have a good time this week, despite some serious issues mommy was having with bald spots from where she pulled her hair out. Now that her nails are done, you don't notice the bad hair quite so much...

If you're having a hard time keeping it together with your little ones this week, you're not alone. And if you aren't having a hard time... then offer to take someone else's kids for a few hours!
(Mine are available from ten to two, M-F. Kidding. Sort of.)

*No children were harmed in the making of this post. Yes, sometimes mommy grabs the camera instead of her children - but hey, how else are we supposed to capture all the "real" moments?


Grandma DeeDee said...

A picture is worth a thousand words and yours are adorable! So keep grabbing that camera, the kids will survive. Love your blog.

Deanne said...

Love your writing Jen! We moms have to laugh at our situations at times if we're going to make it, right? :)

You're pulling your hair out?? Maybe that's why I keep my hair short. *wink wink*

Loved the wedding pic of your parents! I wonder if any of my kids will blog about our anniversary one day and scan in a wedding shot of us? who am I kidding.....they'll put it up on their facebook! :)

I, too, have picked up the camera at times instead of rescueing the kids. Here's a great shot that I couldn't pass up! -

Tracey said...

Mark has such a clever face for a little guy. And Grace. She's quiet trouble. Okay, she might not be all that quiet to you. But she is still trouble. Smart, that one. No children were harmed. Haha.

Hanna said...

HI there! I'm your newest follower from the Friday Blog Hop! Lovely Blog!You can find me at

Sunshine SAHM said...

Thanks for all the kind comments - yes, I will still keep grabbing the camera...

Tracey, I think you might be right about Grace. Smart and Trouble. Look out world!

Deanne, I hope my kids blog about me later in life. It's probably the only way I'll find out what they're really thinking. Hee.

Not Blessed Mama said...

i love the choke-the-chicken picture. hope that doesn't sound too inappropriate! :D

Sunshine SAHM said...

Not Blessed Mama - yes, choke the chicken is exactly right! She was so hilarious that day, and when we got the picture of her "grabbing" the chicken we just cracked up!

Tara said...

I love the bib pictures! Your captions make them even more adorable :)