Friday, October 1, 2010

Another Week Gone...

Well, we already know what Gracie did Friday afternoon, so we can skip to the fun we had on Saturday. We went to two parties, a baby shower for our newest cousin Nate - due next month, and then a fun get together at a friend's house.

The Baby Shower was a Cowboy theme,
so Mark "borrowed" one of the hats off the table:
Howdy Pardner!

Gracie didn't know she wasn't the center of attention:
Okay everyone, I'll lead us in a round
of "Itsy, Bitsy Spider" okay?

She had fun coloring with her cousins:
Yes, and it's always easier to color when I'm NOT
sitting right on top of the coloring book...

She and Mark had fun getting lots of attention from their Auntie Carol:
And Princess Gracie lived happily ever after...
So then I said, "Oh Yeah? You just wait Buster!"
"And you'll never believe what I did next..."

Mark also had fun with his Auntie Kim and Aunt Peggy too.
In fact, he really liked the fact that a bunch of women were all gathered together in one place - it made it easier to charm them all at once. 
That's right! I was just telling Aunt Carol all about it!

That afternoon we went to our friend Wendy's house for a party. Gracie had a blast playing with the other kids on the cool playground.

She really wanted to get on the tire swing,
but she was too little to participate by herself:
Gee kids, that sure looks like fun...
Cousin Lizzie took pity on her and helped
her climb aboard. Needless to say, she
was REALLY excited.

Whee! Thank you Lizzie!

Wednesday, we had dinner with Auntie Kim, Uncle Kevin and the kids. I was able to snap this picture of John "hiding" in the bushes outside the restaurant as we were leaving: (We bloggers ALWAYS have a camera around!)

John, you have the concept down,
but the execution could use a little work...

The rest of the week was spent at home,
doing "normal" stuff like taking baths:
Uh... I think you've outgrown that one!
And hiding in the cushions:
Hey mom! Have you ever seen that movie E.T.?

Gracie had a great week seeing family and really enjoyed being
with other kids, since Mark does mostly this right now:
What? This is exciting too...

Hope you had a fun week with your little cowboys and princesses. Remember, always take your camera with you because you never know what kids are gonna do next!

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