Friday, September 3, 2010

Another Week Gone...

This week was "normal". Whatever that is. Gracie turns two on Saturday, so Mommy was busy preparing for that. (Translation: Mommy sent Gracie to "Dee-Dee" and Papa's house on Wednesday, and to Auntie Bonnie's the next! I did get lots done.)

Mark did hit two major milestones. He has a tooth coming in:

Yeah, I know. You can't see a thing.
It's there on the lower right... It's just that he did such a
good job trying to show everyone, I still had to post it.

And he had solid food for the first time!
(Mommy is very excited about this, as it is the first
step to getting her body back to herself!)

He was more than ready... he chowed down like a pro!

Faster, dad! Faster!
He would grab Daddy's hands in an effort to get the spoon
to his mouth faster. What a face!

To start the week, we had friends over to visit:

And this is the signature color for my fall couture line...

Jonah givin' Mark a little love!

Then Gracie got a gift from Grandma and Grandpa in Florida,
so we called them on Skype so they could see her open it:
(Skype is totally free, so if you have loved ones far away, I would encourage you to give it a shot! You need a high speed internet connection (not dial-up) and a webcam so they can see you. If the people you are calling don't have a webcam it's okay - they will still be able to see your kiddos, you just won't be able to see them.)

Grandma and Grandpa enjoy watching Grace try to figure
out how to open a gift.

An Elmo video about birthdays! Perfect! We've been watching
it all week in anticipation of the big day.

Mark also got a gift from Grandma and Grandpa:

Not as yummy as rice cereal, but I'll take it!

As usual, we did chores:

Gracie "helps" do laundry by taking it out of the basket and
throwing it on the floor. Great job Sweets.

And we picked up Mark's portraits from the studio:

(Gratuitous photo insertion of cutest baby boy EVER.)

To end the week, we had our cousins over to play and had great fun!

Gracie and Lizzie

Gracie and Katie

Gracie showing her cousin John the
new trick she learned this week.

John shows her up by jumping "like a big boy"!

Auntie Kim feeds Mark some rice cereal. Yum!

Thanks for sharing in our week once again. Be sure to encourage the little ones in your life this week, even if you have to Skype to do it!


Anonymous said...

Those pictures of the kids jumping are terrific! How fun is that? Love ya. Grandma "DEE DEE"

Sunshine SAHM said...

Grandma DeeDee, the kids had a blast (I think they were also surprised they didn't get into trouble for doing it...) Now you just have to find a way to keep them from jumping off YOUR coffee table! XOXO