Meet the Mom

What is a SAHM?
My mother asked me what a SAHM was when she first read my blog. So for those who are new to the terms, here is a glossary:

  • SAHM is for "Stay at Home Mom" and is pronounced "Sam".  (There are also a few more interpretations, which can be found here.)
  • WAHM is for "Work at Home Mom" and is pronounced "Wham".
  • WOHM is for "Work Outside the Home Mom" and the "oh" is pronounced "ah", lest anyone be confused that we are talking about wombs. And finally:
  • UTBSBLAMMBIHSPINHCMM is for "Used To Be Sane But Has Now Lost All My Marbles Because I Have Short People In The House Calling Me Mom". This is unpronouncable, which seems entirely appropriate. Most of us fall into the latter category, but since we can't pronounce it, we use one of the other terms as a back up.

Who Writes This Junk Fabulous Blog?
I'm Jen, wife to Robert, SAHM to Gracie and Mark, and crazy enough to reveal our family life on the internet for everyone to see.

When my daughter was born, I wanted to stay at home but our finances would not allow it. I tearfully returned back to work in 2009 when she was four months old. Just before her first birthday, we found out another baby was on the way. My husband Robert and I were determined that this time I would stay home to raise my babies. So we sold our home, adjusted our spending, and when my son Mark was born, I gave my manager my resignation. That's when the real work began.
I started Sunshine SAHM just a few months later. At that time I had two children under age two and needed something to remind me that I was still an adult. And maybe even mildly interesting.

Looking back, I am grateful that I was a working mom for a short time. I feel I can see the advantages and disadvantages to both situations, and rather than wish I was in another mom's shoes, I'll stick with the ones I've got.

I tend to be an optimist by nature, and raising two little ones sure takes a lot of optimism! I love my life, and feel blessed to have a wonderful husband who works hard so I can stay at home, and two beautiful children entrusted to me by God.

Why Sunshine SAHM
I started the blog as a way to "talk" to other moms about raising children. Being at home most of the time, and not getting much feedback can be difficult. (Unless spit-up counts as feedback, in which case I'm not impressed.) Parents need to interact with other parents, ask questions and get feedback on our experiences.

I began to notice when I met other moms, our conversations always seemed to start with "Does your kid..." and end with "My kid does that too!". So I am hoping that by sharing my experiences, you will discover that not only does my kid do that, but what you are feeling, asking, hoping and thinking is normal. (Well, assuming that I'm the standard for normal. I should probably put some sort of disclaimer here...)

Thanks so much for stopping by. I would love if you left a comment for me, since it's the only way I get to connect with people who understand what it's like to yell "Don't stick that green bean up your nose!" and other things we thought we'd never say.

The Main Characters
  • Jen: Wife, Mommy, Daughter, Sister, and Author.
  • Robert: Husband, Daddy, Provider, and Reluctant Occasional Proofreader.
  • Grace: Daughter, Big Sister and Star of the blog.
  • Mark: Son, Little Brother and Star of the blog. (Yes, they both demanded top billing.)

Also Along for the Ride
  • Papa: Grandpa (mommy's dad). Best known for letting the kids help feed the horses, ride the tractor, and help with all sorts of fun outside chores.
  • Dee-Dee: Grandma (mommy's mom). No, her name doesn't start with a "D". It doesn't end with a "D". In fact, there is no "D" in her entire name. Gracie just started calling her this one day and it stuck. Best known for letting the Stars do whatever they want, and then telling Mommy they were "angels".
  • Grandpa: Um, Grandpa (daddy's dad). Actually, Gracie calls him Papa too, but for clarity I call him Grandpa in the blog. Best known for playing peek-a-boo on Skype and getting a smile out of Gracie.
  • Grandma: Do I have to explain this one too? Keep up people! This is daddy's mom. Best known for sending fabulous gifts at just the right time and posting practical advice on FaceBook to help Mommy when she's reached her wits end.
    • (Grandma and Grandpa live out of state, so we keep in touch using FaceBook, Skype and Sunshine SAHM. Another Week Gone... is written especially for them, although all the characters thoroughly enjoy it. Or so I'm told.)
  • Auntie Kim and Uncle Kevin (and the brood): Mommy's sister and her husband. Auntie Kim is the sibling who lives the closest, so she is featured in the blog slightly more often than the other fabulous siblings. Her three children are also featured, usually playing with the Stars.
  • Auntie Ginger and Uncle Kirk: Daddy's sister and her husband. Auntie Ginger lives in another state, but came to visit shortly after Mark was born, leaving her husband and three children to fend for themselves. We were happy she came, and they were happy she came home.
  • Uncle Mark and Aunt Kwithen: Daddy's brother and his wife. No, her name is Kristin. But Gracie doesn't know that, and we're not telling. They do live in California, but hey - it's a big state! We get to see them about twice a year and we are very excited about the cousin Aunt Kwithin is building for the Stars even as we speak, with a completion date scheduled for March 2011.
There are many other characters who appear from time to time, but there are just too many to list them all. See the rolling credits at the end of each post for their information. (If I ever get rolling credits.)