Tuesday, October 26, 2010

One of those Weeks...

This week has already been one of "those" weeks. You know, the ones where you want to grab someone off the street and beg to exchange lives with them, if only for a few days. Preferably, that person will have just stepped out of a limo on their way into Neiman Marcus, but still. I was ready to trade with anyone who looked like they had a decent wardrobe and no children.

Here is just a sampling of the various things that happened:

1) I turned the coffeemaker on, and when I went back ten minutes later, I found a carafe full of tepid water. I had forgotten to put the water into the coffee pot before turning it on. I did this twice.

2) My daughter has decided to test every rule that is put before her, just to see if it "sticks". My best example is when I was in the kitchen finishing up the dishes. I checked on her and Mark, then went back to the kitchen. I put away four more dishes,put soap in the dispenser, shut the door and hit the Pots and Pans button.

In this amount of time, she had gotten into the hall closet, grabbed a roll of wrapping paper, unrolled the remainder (about six feet) and was hitting her brother on the head with the empty cardboard tube. Lovely.

By the time Robert came home, I was ready to hit myself on the head with a cardboard tube. It was either that, or look up the number for the closest convent and ask if it was too late to join.

3) Mark decided, in true boy fashion, that misbehaving must be some sort of contest, and he needed to get in on the gig. By Monday night, he worked out a plan. He couldn't yell "NO!", but he could cry... and so he did, with all his might.

He also decided that he would only fall asleep on his own as long as it was light outside. Every night, he would wail when put into his crib. He would get to the point where his face would get bright red and he would be so angry... it was almost funny. Of course, it might have only been funny because I'd pretty much lost my mind by ten at night. It's hard to say. Is it possible to be afraid of the dark when you're only six months old? I mean, just seven months ago, he didn't know what light was...

4) Robert came home from his business trip to all this chaos. I'm sure he was debating on catching a flight back to North Carolina. Getting away from the insane people he came home to probably would have been a relief to him. I know it would have been for me.

5) A good portion of the cookies we made at my friends house last week came home with us. Mysteriously, they all disappeared by Monday afternoon. Robert swears he had none. Gracie only got one and a half... and Mark - well, he didn't help with the icing, so why should he get to eat any? If my math is correct, that means I ate an entire plate of cookies in three days.

But I've always been really bad at math.

6) Remember how proud I was to have lost a few pounds a couple of weeks ago? Well, it turns out they weren't really lost. They were just on a mini vacation. Apparently they went to visit some cookies... they're back, settling in on my thighs. Welcome home blubber, I didn't miss you a bit.

Looking back, the week wasn't all that bad. It's just that when you're actually in those moments, it can be overwhelming. Unfortunately, I have very few pictures of life at our house this week. Friday's post may be a bit like the haunted houses popping up all over town... there's stuff going on, but it's hard to see what. Until then, I leave you with one photo I did manage to snap last night:

Gracie is at Grandma's today.
I'm sure she's being an angel...