Friday, October 22, 2010

Another Week Gone...

So much happened this week! I almost skipped some of the photos because I was sure they were from last week. It's been a long ride...

We celebrated my "real" birthday this week. After all the parties for Grace, I'm not sure she realized this one wasn't for her. Mark still hasn't quite figured it out yet. Probably because he never gets cake.
Grace: They're singing that song again.
That can only mean one thing...
Mark: What? What?!?


Monday was difficult. Apparenty, Gracie decided she needed to get all of her spankings out of the way first thing, so she cried, whined, hit her brother, screamed "No!", and participated in as much chaos as her little hands could find. Thankfully, she was back to "normal" after that - not perfect, but at least manageable.

Hello two's, very not nice to meet you.

Despite attempting to drive mommy screaming from the house, we actually had a great week and did lots of fun things. Daddy was on a business trip the last half of the week, so we made sure to spend some family time together before he left:

Mommy took Grace on a bike ride:

Mommy FINALLY learned to ride a bike.

"Dad, are you sure it's safe to be
in this contraption with mom at the wheel?"

We all went to the park the night before Daddy left:

Hi Daddy! Hi Sweetheart! (Awww...)

Daddy helped Gracie master the monkey bars

Gracie showed off for Daddy by
using the "big" swing

Gracie has been working on getting up the climbing wall,
and this time she did it all by herself!
Mark had fun at the park too.

Grandma Dee Dee came to help mommy out on Wednesday, and I got seven straight hours of sleep. Wow. That looks so good it makes me want to repeat it. Mark has not taken a night feeding since he was two months old, but for some reason one or the other of the kids seems to think that waking up in the middle of the night is fun. So, I was grateful that DeeDee came to help entertain the kids and let me get some much needed rest.

Yesterday we went to my best friend's house and we all had a great time. Grace loved playing with the boys, and we got to "paint" cookies! Here are the highlights:

Daniel and Grace are making Playdough cookies.
They were sure to put rock "chocolate chips" in too.

Gracie doing her favorite thing: playing in dirt and
putting things in and out of buckets.

Gracie practicing for the powder
puff showdown...

We used paint brushes to "color"
the sugar cookies. Fun!

Gracie caught on right away, and LOVED it.
Um, yeah. Saw that comin'.

How am I going to use these sprinkles AND get those
sprinkles away from the boys???

Yay! I got 'em all!

I think I'll take the green ghost, thank you very much!

Hope you had a great week too, even if you had a few speed bumps along the way. Be sure to have fun with your little ghouls and goblins, and stay "cool" until next week!


Sunshine SAHM said...

Okay everyone, so sorry about the comment system the last week... some of you have already left comments on this post, and I promise to "grab" them and import them when I am able.
Blogger has done some "updates" and has messed up the other system. I really loved responding to each of you individually, but we'll have to see how it goes.

Thanks to everyone who leaves a comment, I love reading them all!

Anonymous said...

i have to admit, i hate my bike now that is has the trailer! both little kids want to go in it, so that means i'm draggin around 80 pounds with my crappy bike that doesn't even have gears. LOL.
happy birthday!

Anonymous said...

Writing does take a lot of time. I remember spending several hours writing letters to you when you were in college. Pulling them back out and reading what was going on back then makes it worth it. It's a diary of life and I'm so glad you're not giving it up totally. Reading your blogs is more fun than "Facebook". I still say bind it all up, comments and all, make it into a year book that Grace and Mark will cherish as much as you and Kim cherish your baby books. Love you.

Anonymous said...

You have such beautiful redheads! I love it! And Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

As always, Jen, Beautimus family! You say Two's are terrible.....I didn't like the Threes!!!!

Sunshine SAHM said...

Well, I had to pull all your comments as Anonymous, but I know who you are! It bothers me to not have this working, but once I get some free time... HA!... I'll get it all back up and running.

Lindsie, you're not the first to tell me that the three's are a terrible age - I wonder what I'm in for!

Kim, I fully intend to have hubby haul one while I haul the other. Hopefully he'll always have the older one once they get too big! :)

Mom, I loved reading your letters, and I still re-read them sometimes too. I hope the kids do get a chance to read these and appreciate them when they're older.

Crystal, thanks for the birthday wishes. I think my redheads are pretty great too!