Friday, October 29, 2010

Another Week Gone...

Okay, so maybe Tuesday's post made it sound like we've had a bad week. Well, I got eight hours of sleep last night.



That means you can officially ignore Tuesday's post, because this week is FABULOUS. Even though Mark started crawling in earnest this week, and I now have to watch him every second.
Eight. Hours.

Even though first thing yesterday morning, Gracie walked into the bathroom and "helped" me by giving my glasses back to me - with one earpiece perpendicular to the rest of the frame. It's OK. Really.
Eight. Hours.

As you know from Tuesday's post, Grace found my make-up bag on Monday night. Robert and I were both just fifteen feet away, and I had barely set my purse down two minutes prior to the "photo shoot". We were supposed to be heading out the door, but Robert had a quick question... and the rest, as they say...

So without further ado, here is Another Week Gone...

Uh, Mommy? Have you seen Grace lately?

Wait! I haven't put the lipliner on yet!
Kisses! Kisses make everything better!

Daddy falls for it every time....

Kisses? That's all it takes to get out of trouble?
I am SO using that next time!

The very next morning, Grandma DeeDee called to see if Grace could come to her house. Mommy had the bags packed in less than fifteen minutes.

As usual, Grace had a blast: 

Papa and Gracie enjoying the fall evening

Gracie watching Elmo on her Elmo chair...

Grace did NOT want to come home. When she saw me pull up, she said to Grandma happily "Mommy!" Followed immediately, and not so happily, by "No Mommy!". Smart girl. We all know how different life is at home compared to life with The Grands...

On the way home, she was back to her normal self. I looked in the rearview mirror and saw this:

Where is Gracie?

There she is! (One of our favorite "games")

I finally got Mark showing off his crawling skills: 
Okay Mom, you ready?


Oh yeah, I'm on my way to trouble now!

No matter what kind of week you've had, I hope you get a chance to appreciate the fun that your little ones bring to your life and find something to be thankful for....

Eight. Hours. (I couldn't resist.)