Friday, October 15, 2010

Another Week Gone...

Mark turned six months old this week. Six months! Time to have another kid. Kidding! (Maybe.)

Mark is ridiculously close to crawling. He will get on his hind legs and rock, rock, rock. And then do a face plant. But it won't be long. In the meantime, he's mastered rolling around and scooting to get what he wants. I caught him in action:

He started out exploring toys while *almost* on
his play mat.

Just two minutes later, he'd made it across the room,
with toys left in his wake.

The highlight of the week was definitely the pumpkin patch. The kids had a wonderful time, and mommy was very happy to get some fun pictures: 
Grace: We're dressed up all cute for the pumpkin patch!
Mark: Cute? Should I check your eysesight? Get a load of
this goofy pumpkin hat I'm wearing!
If I move fast enough, mommy will NEVER
get a picture of my entire outfit! (True enough.)

Yay! The pumpkin patch! I'll fit right in...

The place we went had LOTS of activities for the little ones. A playground, petting zoo, hay stack and more were waiting to be explored.
Grace loved the playground the most:
She loved the little covered slide
Mark is contemplating which pumpkin to choose

Grace running through the pumpkins.
It's a wonder I get any pictures at all...

Mark discovers grass for the first time!

Grace on the BIG slide! Um, I think it's
pretty obvious how she felt about that.

My "Wee-Be-Little" with his pumpkin!
I turn twenty-three this week, so my family went out to celebrate:
My niece Lizzie made me a pillow for my twenty-fifth
birthday. I need the beauty sleep!
Grace decided to forego her mac n' cheese
for her crayon. It might have been
more nutritious...

Mommy decided it wasn't an acceptable dinner.
We thirty year olds are smart like that.

The napkin tasted no better than the crayon.
Mark said hello to Grandma. We offered to pay for the
eye exam she needed the next day... oops.

Hope you had the chance to spend some time with family this week. My actual birthday hasn't arrived yet, so I'm looking forward to finding more ways to celebrate my thirty-fifth birthday... got to get as much mileage as I can out of it!

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