Friday, August 27, 2010

Another Week Gone...

We didn't have anything planned this week, and didn't go anywhere or visit anyone. Well, we took a walk to the grocery store, but we only bought eggs... does that still count? I was afraid this lack of activity would make for a very mundane post. Obviously I haven't been doing this SAHM thing very long...

Our Monday started out with this:

It was after taking these pictures that I realized Grace not only filled up her potty....
...but the big potty too!

After fishing these out of the toilet (a great start to any Monday), we went to the living room to watch Elmo. Apparently the lack of her blankie did not deter Gracie from finding something to cover her lap...

What other kind of trouble can I think up for today?

Finally, while I was feeding Mark, Gracie went into the dining room and disappeared around the corner. It got very, very quiet. Never a good sign.

Gracie had unlocked the sliding glass door, opened it, gone outside and turned the sprinklers on! Oh boy.

And this was only Monday?

Thankfully the rest of the week proved fairly uneventful. We had lots of fun just playing here at the house. Here are the highlights of Another Week Gone...

We played Starfall. This is a great program for anyone who has pre-schoolers learning their ABC's or learning to read. We find ourselves spending about a half hour a day playing "Cees!".

Gracie also played with her brother on his play mat. He found this to be great fun, and she enjoyed trying to get his toys to him:

Blogger won't let me rotate this picture,
but mommy thinks it's too cute not to include!
We played with our puzzles. Gracie demonstrated the best way to hold the pieces, and made sure we each got a chance to try it out:

Just like this!
Great job Mark!

Here you go mommy!

Daddy got to come home from work early on Wednesday, so we played with him, and then took a walk to the grocery store, where they give out cookies to the kids for free. Gracie just started saying "Please" for the first time this week (previously she would only sign the word please, but not say it outloud) and was so cute asking for her "co-kee, peas"!

Fun with daddy, a.k.a. Jungle Gym
Evidence of her chocolate chip cookie
remained after our walk
Gracie also loves to help empty the dishwasher, and this week she helped me load it for the first time. Not too bad sweetie!

We really need to work on putting the plates a little farther apart...

Finally, I asked Grace to get into her high chair for lunch. This was the result:

As always, it was a very fun week. And despite not going lots of places, we still managed to tire our little ones out...

Hope you enjoy the little ones in your life this week!


A Bit Of Everything said...

What a week you had friend. I love the "going outside and turning the sprinklers on." It only gets better.

A Bit Of Everything said...

I like Elmo in the high chair! I remember those days! Enjoy them and write EVERYTHING down. Hilarous! Thank you for such a great blog friend.