Friday, August 13, 2010

Another Week Gone...

This was a busy week. We all had doctors appointments, although Gracie lucked out and didn't have to get her shots because of a mix up in paperwork.

I made an appointment to get portrait pictures for Mark. I am a little late in scheduling them... and later still because we cancelled his appointment. He got his second round of vaccinations at the doctor that morning, and had fallen asleep just as we arrived for the picture appointment. Sigh.

What kind of mom makes an appointment for pictures just a few hours after her kid gets shots?!?

Well, at least I got a camo bandaid out of the deal...

In my defense, grandma was here to help that day, so I tried to cram in as much as I could. Busy or not, life goes on. Here are some of the other things we did this week:

Daddy set up a new toy for Mark while Gracie helped:
Whoa! What a contraption!

Gracie and Mommy colored:

And Gracie found out about white crayons:
What the heck is this?!? Worthless!

Daddy and Gracie went for a bike ride:


And Mark played in his Bumbo:

Next week is shaping up to be busy too. A good friend from Colorado is in Reno this weekend at a conference. Since we're only a few hours away, we decided to go and meet him. Hubs and I are excited... road trip!

Of course, we are overwhelmed at the amount of "stuff" we have to pack for the two crumb crunchers in tow. Pretty soon they'll be followed by their own entourage and demanding flowers in their dressing rooms.

Lastly, hubby's sister is coming from Missouri to visit, and will be here Sunday night. This means I have to pack all our things for the weekend and clean the house so it's "company ready". Nothing like a little motivation to get the floors mopped!

Hope your week was fun too, and you got to spend lots of time playing with the little ones in your life. Just stay away from the white crayons. They're worthless.


Tracey said...

Bumbo -- Chinese word for, "American parents will pay $40 for anything." They are great, but, oy!, the cost. (I know you got yours as a hand-me-down.)

Sunshine SAHM said...

The Bumbo is actually made in: (are you ready for this???) South Africa.
With a name like Bumbo, I thought it would be Australia. Or Mexico - don't they make pastries named Bimbo? (You just know the marketing team didn't check out THAT name in the American market.)
And of course the Bumbo was a hand me down... do you think we'd actually purchase a PURPLE Bumbo for our son? No way. We'd have gone with pink.

Tracey said...

I stand corrected. Bumbo is an Afrikkaner word for "American parent will pay $40 for anything." :)