Friday, August 20, 2010

Another Week Gone...

Wow. And I thought last week was busy. Let's just jump right in!

We saw our friend Eddie in Reno and had a great time
(A post about this trip will be published as soon as I recover from this week)

Auntie Ginger from Missouri came to visit

Tickles from Auntie
Hey, I could get used to this kissing stuff!

Gracie loved coloring with Auntie

We went to visit Cousin Noah at his house

Did you see the big truck?
Noah waving "hi" to Mark, and saying "Hi Baby!"
Noah calling someone to see if he and Gracie could come to play
I think he was calling Mark

We spent the night at Papa and DeeDee's house and did lots of fun things. Grace was a big helper, doing lots of chores and having fun:

Feeding the Cats

Feeding the Horse

Taking out the Trash

Washing the Dishes
(Yes, in the bathtub. They are in the midst of a kitchen remodel.)

Which turned into Washing the Bathtub

And Ended in Washing Gracie

Picking Apples...

...and feeding them to the dog

Playing on the slide

Reading with Papa before bedtime

And lastly, having friends over to visit

Look! It's a horse!
Gracie learning how to share "her" swing
And sharing snacks and a seat with her friend Sarah

Whew! What a week. It's finally Friday. We had so much fun this week going here and there and visiting with so many people. Next week we have absolutely nothing planned. And right now, that sounds fun too.

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