Friday, March 25, 2011

Another Week Gone...

Whoever said "It never rains in California" obviously lives too close to the Southern border.

This is my front porch! Notice the water
has invaded right up to the doorway?!?
Luckily, here at Sunshine SAHM we had a wonderful week! We got to visit friends, we found new ways to entertain ourselves, and... Mark walked!

Yep, he finally decided to take a few steps on Saturday. He was supporting himself with one hand on a box and I guess he really wanted to go see Daddy because he just let go of the box, took a step, and fell down. It was great! I was so glad that Daddy was home, because I was afraid he would do this very thing - decide to take his first steps with no prompting from us at all - and Daddy would be at work.

Unfortunately, mommy missed the very first step - but I saw the next three! Then Mark decided he'd had enough and was done for the night. Since then, he's taken quite a few more steps. I wouldn't say he's "walking" just yet, but he certainly will be soon. Yay for the little man! (No, I have no pictures. I promise to get some when he's a little better at the whole upright movement thing.)

Grace frequently gets bored with the half million toys we've managed to collect around the house. Unfortunately, some of the toys more appropriate for her age are completely inappropriate for Mark. They often fight over the Leap Pad - Grace likes to put the cartridges in and Mark likes to take them out and eat them. We have crafts, but the pieces are too small to risk assembling if Mark is around. Lately the "fun" toys have only come out when Mark goes down for a nap early. But this week... I remembered the play pen.

It's not for Mark. It's for Grace.

Pssst.... Mom, don't tell my friends I
play in a playpen okay?
I threw some rice and red beans into a bin, got some spoons, an egg carton, and some colanders and Grace had a blast! Putting her in the play pen kept the mess contained and kept Mark safe. Grace must have played in there for more than an hour. Fun, fun, fun!

Two kids, both safe, both playing. No one crying,
no one stealing toys, no worries. Happy, happy mamma.
Mark had fun too. He practiced climbing up onto the window seat to watch the world go by:

Hi everybody! This is my new favorite spot!
He also worked on his culinary skills:

I know I'm really good at this, but it
feels like something is missing...
Mommy and Mark stayed home to work on cleaning up the kitchen while Daddy and Grace went on their first "date" Wednesday night. Since it was raining, they went to a nearby mall and played at the indoor playground and shared a chocolate milkshake. When Grace got home, she ran into the house with a huge smile on her face and said "Hi Mommy!". Okay, not exactly earth shattering, but trust me - if you'd seen the look on her face, you'd know what a success date night had been. (The sugar rush from the chocolate milkshake probaby helped her enthusiasm a bit too.) Daddy also showed Grace how to play Angry Birds. Another addict in the making!

Oh no! Those birds sure are angry!
Is that why they always explode at the end?
I hope your week was sunny, even if the weather wasn't cooperating. Daddy's mom and dad flew to Southern California yesterday to meet Baby Aunny, and will come to visit us after a short stay down south. We're looking forward to spending time with them and visiting some new places. Stay tuned...

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