Friday, April 1, 2011

Another Week Gone...

Wow. The family has been super busy this week. (Sorry for the missed post on Tuesday!) We are preparing for a visit from Grandma and Grandpa, we are having a garage sale Saturday (eek!), we visited with friends, and we helped daddy move the spare tire from the truck to the garage:

Hi Mom! Daddy calls this "war paint" from
doing all that hard work moving the tire!
By "we" I mean Grace. She loved helping daddy roll that huge truck tire all the way up the driveway. Mommy should have washed her hands immediately afterward... lesson learned.

We did do some washing though. Gracie helped mommy clean out the refrigerator. She thinks cleaning is great fun, and loves to have her own dishcloth to wipe everything down with.

Uh Mom? I think we cleaned the fridge out
a little too well.... it's almost empty!
Mark is learning to "put things in, take things out". I tried to get a picture, but this was the best I could do...

Hello in there? Are you coming out to play?
Once Mark saw the camera he just had to have it.

Lights, Camera, Grab it!
Of course, I had no intention of letting him play with the camera (how would I blog??) so he pulled a little lip action:

Robert and I have often commented that we could probably find a use for all that extra space on his lip; it rivals one of the best shelves in the house when he really gets going. Since I was still trying to get a picture of him playing, I let him at least explore the strap:

See mom, if you share like you teach Grace and I to share,
then everyone is happier. Now give me the camera...
This kept him happy for 2.4 seconds... and then:

Yep, the lip. Maybe he's working on his future Elvis impersonator career. Except I think it should be the top lip. Oh, and the hair- he's definitely got to work on the hair. Maybe he should try to channel Conan O'Brien instead...

Despite the flurry of chaos and activity around here this week, we did manage to spend some time outdoors since the sunshine is officially back at the Sunshine SAHM house. Grace and Mark had fun playing with their car:

That clutch sure is hard to reach!
Yes, Grace AND Mark. He's in there...look for the red lettering on the gray shirt behind the yellow column on the left. Still don't see him? Well trust me - he's there!

Help! I make a terrible backseat driver!
Grace just loved that Mark would share the car with her, so she gave him lots of hugs:

I love you baby Mawk! Awww...
Okay sis, enough with the love already okay?
I've got to concentrate when driving!
I hope there were lots of hugs and kisses around your house this week too. The sunshine has everyone here stepping a little lighter and feeling a bit happier. Next week Grandma and Grandpa will be visiting in order to celebrate TWO birthdays! Robert's birthday is on Tuesday, and Mark turns one on Friday... I suppose you can expect some pretty minimal blogging this week too - but I promise to get some great pictures for when I do come back full force!

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