Monday, March 21, 2011

Another Week Gone...

We sure did a lot this week! Mommy has been feeling pretty tired lately, and looking at all the pictures - now I know why! Two little ones sure keep you on your toes...

Uh, Mom? I don't think I've ever seen you on your toes...
Gracie gave mommy the salon treatment, and brushed her hair out (actually, she channeled the 80's and ratted mommy's hair, but that's OK).

You look Fah-bu-lous!
Gracie got to stay overnight at Grandma and Papa's house. All week long Grace has been saying "Dee Dee Papa, Dee Dee Papa. Dee Dee Papa Scheeping (sleeping)." I guess she thinks they must be sleeping if they aren't playing with her!

Dee Dee Hawse! Dee Dee Hawse! (Our motto for the day.)
The forecast called for five straight days of rain at the end of the week, so we decided to let the kids play outside while they still could. Mark got his first ride in the wagon!

Hey Dad! Let's go to Dee Dee's House!
Mark also ate his first meal sans baby food. He loved it.
This stuff is great!

Hello! Is there any more in there???
Grace also had ravioli - she likes it too.

Keeping it on the spoon is a little tricky.

Putting the spoon on my head is easy though!
(Thank goodness ravioli is always followed by a bath.)
Grace discovered Thomas the Train, and was mesmerized by the show.
Do you know why she's not sitting on her
Thomas Engine? I don't either.

Child Mesmerized. Television is an amazing babysitter.
Both kids also had fun with the really expensive toys we buy to keep them entertained:
Wow! Look at the awesome box mom bought us!

Check the  picture above once more...
see the little fingers poking through the box? ;)
Hope your week was fun too! No matter how messy things may get, just remember you can always throw the mess makers in a box somewhere. They'll love it!

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