Friday, November 5, 2010

Another Week Gone...

Okay, what happened to October? How in the world did November get here already??? I'm not the only one who can't believe it's almost Thanksgiving. We had temperatures in the eighties this week. Even the weather can't quite believe summer is over.

This week has seemed exceptionally long, probably because we managed to cram so much into such a short period of time. Here is a peek into the excitement in the Sunshine household:

She NEVER stops moving...

Gracie "graduated" to a big girl bed. Er, mattress. She did great her first night, and finally fell asleep after about an hour of playing (and only got out of bed twice!).

Okay, she SOMETIMES stops moving. This was her first
night on the mattress. Well, mostly on the matteress.

Someone sent out a memo that Saturday was the day for partying! We had three parties to attend that day: a baby shower, birthday party and Halloween party... We managed to fit it all in, and had a great time visiting with friends.

Grace and the Birthday Girl share banana chips at the
monkey themed birthday party
Crayons, maracas and cake! What fun!
All dressed up! I'm the angel...
(but then, you already knew that.)
Mark was fascinated by another person his size
Um, is this how they say hello when they can't talk?

Sunday was Halloween. Grace was shy at first, and would hardly speak as we walked up to the neighbors' doors. After about three houses, she caught on and began running to the next house!

At one home, there were four little girls just about to leave on their own trick or treating adventure. Grace was absolutely mesmerized. I'm certain she would have followed the Butterfly and Strawberry Shortcake around all night if we'd let her!

"We do what? Are you sure?
Yeah, I'd wear a silly hat for that!"
My princess and her daddy
Yes, that's chocolate around her mouth.
She got that look on her face after visiting
the second house, and it never left...
At the end of her trick or treating session, Gracie sat outside with Daddy to hand out candy. Or, um, eat candy. I'm not sure which.
"Ya know dad, if we walked inside right now, we
could keep that bowl all to ourselves..."

Despite hitting her brother on the head with a cardboard tube last week, Grace has been surprisingly loving towards Mark lately. I love it. She tries to pick him up. She brings him toys. If he cries, she says "Baby!" and runs to him. She even got a burp rag and wiped the drool off his chin! I wish I had more pictures of her loving on him, but you just never know when the mood is going to strike.

She's not torturing him, I promise. She's saying
"Baby", and he's just blinking. Really.
A moment later, this was the picture. Mark isn't
thrilled, but he is quite tolerant...

Speaking of Mark... that little boy is a mover! He has been crawling just one week, and boy does he get around. He is quite fast now, and has the army crawl down pat. He occasionally crawls on all fours, but not always. I'm alarmed at how quickly he is adapting to mobility. My life has entered an entirely new stage now that I have an actively exploring infant in the house again.

"One-Hundred! Whew! What a workout!"

Mark also tried some semi-solid food this week. He has never choked on his food, and eats rice at a very thick consistency, so we decided to try some mashed up banana on Wednesday. I figured he'd grab the banana and shove it in his mouth like everything else he seems to find...

I was wrong. He was very good at grabbing the plate though. Good thing bananas are sticky.
This would be a lot easier if my nose
didn't get in the way...
"You people eat this chunky stuff all the time?"
"I am NOT impressed."
And he really wasn't impressed. I don't think he's quite ready, so we'll give it a try again later. Maybe Thanksgiving  potatoes... yum.

I hope you enjoyed your princesses and pumpkins this week too. I thoroughly enjoyed living vicariously through my two year old this week. Honestly, what is better than walking around dressed up like a princess and getting free candy?