Friday, May 13, 2011

Another Week (or two) Gone...

This time, it’s not my fault I didn’t post last week. Mark and Grace overscheduled us. I have proof:

Uh, Mom? I'm trying to  plan a meeting here. Can we
delay the diaper change for a few minutes?

Yes, I still use my iPod, even though Grace
found a new "pocket" to keep it in...

Great! Fencing lessons at two, driving lessons at four.
On to the diaper change!

We're on our way to the meeting.
Elmo is just here as a consultant.
They scheduled fencing lessons, bike rides, important lunches, and more. By the time we fit everything in, I didn’t have time to post!
The fencing lessons went well:

I've got the swords! (Or are they sabers?)
Let's get this party started!

"Ugh! Mark, I've been hit! I think that means
you win this round." "Really? Wow. That was easy.
I'm good at this fencing thing."

"I surrender! I surrender!"
"Woo Hoo! I win!"
"Goodness. Grace sure takes this seriously."
 Mommy took them on a bike ride for Mother’s Day:

Hi. Can you let me out of here?

"Grace, do we just sit here and watch the world go
by while mommy and daddy have all the fun?"

"Well Mark, we could also sing ABC's if you wanted."
"Hmph. In case you  haven't noticed, I'm not impressed."
We had some great meals:

Excuse me, but is there something
I should know about?

People are staring at me funny, like there's
cottage cheese on my head or something.

Now that I think about it, maybe they're
just impressed that I have another tooth!

Yeah! That must be it! See everyone, here
it is!
We enjoyed the beautiful weather by playing outside. I was particularly excited when Grace yelled, “Mommy! Look Mommy! Look!” as she showed me this:

A snail and a frying pan. We're not French sweetie.

See that face? Pure bliss. And really, who wouldn't
be thrilled to be holding a slimy, germ ridden snail?

Mommy tried to protect it by having her move it
to the planter.

It was too exciting to keep in the planter, so she moved it
to the swingset.
Oh, you’re wondering what Mark is doing in the background while all this snail excitement was going on?

Eating dirt. What else?
Grace tried to get her snail on the move again...
Like most Californians, we discovered the snail was also on his way to foreclosure:
I was doing fine until I met this girl... she kept wanting
to move and we just chose the wrong mortgage...
After that, mommy told Grace she needed to find something else to do (while she hid the poor snail in the tall grasses in the hopes he survives). So, naturally she did this:

Mud shakes, comin' up! Get your mud deliciousness here!

She's moved on to mud pies. Baking is a very
serious job.
While Grace baked, Mark practiced his driving skills:

Hey mom, look! No shoes!

Yes, those are the same light blue socks in the above
photo. And Mark? You're doing great with the bike,
but the car skills definitely need improvement.
After all these pictures, I guess the kids had enough:

Goodness lady! Stop with all the pictures already!

Seriously mom. Don't make me call dad.
Kids, I don't think dad is gonna stop me.

(This was after he gave me the entire Saturday
off for Mother's Day!) Thanks honey!
I hope May has been fun for you, and that you haven’t overscheduled! Even if you did, don’t worry. It all tends to work out in the end.

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