Friday, May 27, 2011

Another Week Gone...

This week was pretty normal (whatever that is) so I don't have a lot to share... I do have lots of pictures though! Imagine that.

Grace had two milestones this week. First of all, she knows how to count AND she recognizes her numbers. She still has some issues with the number four. This week she started counting train cars going by as we waited at a crossing.

One, two, three. Pause.

One, two, three. Pause.

After the third time, I finally filled in "four"... and she continued on up to ten! After that, she would get to three, I would say four, and she would continue. Maybe by the time she actually turns four she'll have it all figured out.

We were also playing with some lacing beads and I asked her what numbers were on them... and she knew! Wow. Guess all that Elmo is paying off. (I didn't really say that out loud did I?)

Her second milestone was a big one, and dear to my heart. We made cookies together for the first time. Yay for dessert!

This is the face children make when their mother is a blogger.
Obligatory stare toward camera: "Here's your photo.
Can we get back to reality now?"

Okay we add a little of this...

Hello? Did we add anything? It got soaked up
into the brown stuff! Is that supposed to happen?

Next you stir the chips in. (Ignore the dough
on her cheek. We would NEVER eat raw
cookie dough...)

Hmmm... saw that comin'.

She put ONE cookie on the sheet. That
was more than enough. Trust me.

The best part - licking the mixer beaters!
(Note: Ignore the cookie dough on her cheek AND the
beaters. We would NEVER eat raw cookie dough.)

Okay. I lie.

Apparently making cookies is much harder than it looks.
Gracie couldn't even finish without laying down for a rest!

Warm cookies, cold milk and footie pajamas.
Is there anything better?
Grace loved the entire process, and kept saying "Cookies! Cookies!" the entire time. I can't wait to make them again. (Yes, they are all gone - and they were delicious.)

Mark got himself into a little trouble, climbing into the pantry he's not supposed to get into. Turns out he climbed a little too well, and was shrieking for me to help him down.

I grabbed the camera first. He'll learn.

Help! I can't figure out how to get down
from this dramatic height!
I also managed to snap a (terrible) shot of him as I turned on the vacuum. He hates all kinds of loud noises, and the vacuum terrifies him.

This is the look of pure fear. A second later he
burst into tears and darted off down the hall.
He is peering into the bedroom where I have the vacuum. Once the vacuum is turned off, he will immediately stop crying, and rush into the room to investigate. It's rather funny in a "poor little guy" kind of way. Now you know why my floors are often dirty. (Yeah. That's why.)

At the end of the week, Auntie, Grandma Dee Dee and the cousins came to visit. We had a great time just playing, talking and eating. Um, we didn't eat cookies... somebody had eaten them already. (Sheepishly brushes cookie crumbs from corner of mouth...)

Um, Elmo? Grandma Dee Dee is not
coming from that direction...
I hope you had a great week and got some sweet treats in with your little ones. We have been very busy visiting with friends and family, and the blog has suffered a little - but face time with those you love is always worth it!

I keep telling myself that someday I'll get it all balanced out. There must be a way to have my cookies and eat them too... maybe you just have to teach someone else how to bake them.

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