Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Another Year Gone...

As I was cleaning the grape jelly out of Mark's hair this morning, I began to think about where I was this time last year. I was nine months pregnant, and we had been living in this house for exactly eight days. I was wondering when my baby would decide to make his appearance, and how many boxes I could unpack before that happened. I wondered if Grace was ready to spend every day with mommy, instead of with her friends at day care. I wondered if I would ever be able to see my toes again.

Easter 2010, 4 days before Mark was born
As two chubby fingers smeared oatmeal across my glasses, I had a hard time believing an entire year had passed. We had moved from a small home on a few acres to a slightly larger home in a densely populated neighborhood. At our old house, Papa and DeeDee lived next door. Now they're forty five minutes away. Of course, daddy's work used to be forty five minutes away, and now it's less than ten minutes. Sometimes he even comes home for lunch.

I took Mark out of his high chair and chuckled to realize I'm still not used to the fact that when I put him down, he stands. I still expect him to him plop on his bum and then crawl off at lightning speed. This time last year I'd never even kissed his sweet baby face.

My sweet baby boy, one week old
Grace pulls on my hand saying "Pay momma, pay!" as she drags me toward the play room. It's so fun to hear her thoughts and see her excitement at finally being understood. Last year at this time, I still did almost everything for her: putting on clothes, brushing teeth, putting her in a high chair and changing diapers. Now she says "I got it, I got it, I got it" as she does these things by herself. Except the diaper part of course. That's turned into "Yucky poo poo." Yes, yucky indeed.

My sweet baby girl, 20 months old
As we settle in to play "hide in the box", I close the last flap over a small red head and realize that a year ago, I had only stopped playing "hide in the cubicle" for a few weeks. I was excited about not having to punch a time clock, but also worried about what that would be like. You know what? It's been hard. And fun. Crazy. Unexpected. Adventurous. Challenging. And so many other things that are hard to put into words.

My favorite moments are when they laugh and play together...
 Two little voices burst into laughter as a big sister entertains her brother by popping up out of a cardboard box. I love that sound. I love those voices. I love those faces.

...even if I suspect the joke is on me.
 Life is not marked by boxes on a square of paper hanging on the wall. Life is measured by events. A move to a new city, a new job, a new baby. Our family has been through a lot of change this last year, and it's all gone by so quickly... I look into the eyes of my baby, who is not such a baby anymore, and I can't help but wonder what the next year will bring. Whatever it might be, I want to cherish every day as my children are growing right before my eyes - far too quickly.

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