Friday, April 29, 2011

Another Week Gone...

Okay, when a friend sends you an e-mail that starts with "Have you fallen off the face of the earth?" You know it's been a busy month. You also now know why I try to keep myself to Tuesday and Friday deadlines - it's too easy to skip a post. Or two...

So what has kept me away? Oh, I'm so glad you asked. The Munchkins allowed daddy and I to tag along with them the last two weeks while they did the following:

Well, there was Easter of course. Not many pictures though, as Mark chose to sleep through the egg hunt, and Grace was a whirlwhind. Here's what I managed to document:

Faster, Grace! Faster! Surely there are more eggs somewhere!

Finally a moment of peace. Until that sugar kicks in...
We also visited the zoo for the first time:

Mommy and Gracie had lots of fun.

Grace laughed out loud watching the monkeys. Silly girl.

Look! I'm sitting on a giant turtle!

Mark: Um... I don't think so Grace. I'll stay right
here thank you very much.

Mark is quietly watching the lion as Grace reminds
every one to "Shhhh... maow is sheeping."

Despite not wanting to ride the turtles, Mark was
still very interested in the action!

He was also thrilled to be able to walk around for once!
You could just feel how delighted he was to be free.
Next we played at the park (apparently I only got pictures of Mark):

Mark really has a handle on the swinging thing!

He also thought he would brave the stairs - but he didn't.
And of course, there was excitement around the house as well:

I'm pretty sure everyone eats with two spoons. Right mom?

When I told him we only use one spoon, and that
he was eating from the wrong end, this was his response.

So we use our spoons like this and make sure to smear
the food everywhere, right mom?

When I told him we preferred he would NOT
smear food all over himself, this was his response.

When we put him in the tub, this was his response - and
apparently Grace is catching on. Hmph.
 Speaking of Grace, imagine my surprise at finding this upon walking into the dining room after breakfast on Wednesday:

Now mom, before you say anything... I wanted to tell
you that I was SHARING! Sharing! Isn't that nice of me?
Yes, Grace had given my coffee cup to Mark. And yes, there was still some lukewarm coffee in it. But not anymore...

After this Mark declared it "Good to the last drop."
And then he dropped the cup on the floor and it shattered.

I hope your April wasn’t half as busy as mine! We sure had fun this month, but I’m ready for life to slow down a little. Hopefully we’ll be back on track next week and back to our regular blogcast schedule. If you missed a few posts because I didn’t have time to put them on Facebook, here’s a friendly reminder that you can enter your e-mail address on the upper left and you’ll never miss another post!

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