Monday, January 10, 2011

The Confession

Okay, remember the post where Mark's teeth came in, and I chastized family members for casually remarking on it without bringing it to my attention? I believe my words were: "I BLOG people! If you don't see it here, I missed it!" Well, it's time for me to eat my words. Or, at least renege a little.

In November there was a post about how Mark was making the "Ma Ma Ma" sound and I thought he'd say his first word soon. Well, he did. And I didn't blog about it. In fact, I have been mulling the event over in my mind, wondering if it was actually his first word. I'm trying to decide if it was just a fluke. Maybe I'll let my readers decide.

It was early December. Mark had been babbling for quite a few weeks. He often would say "Ma Ma Ma" while trying to chew on the trash can or attempting another round of sock eating. To my chagrin, he began trying out other sounds too. So when he "said" his first word... it wasn't "Mama". Which may have something to do with why I didn't report it right away. Or, er, ever.

Photo taken Dec. 9th, date of the "alleged" event.

My little guy had started the "Da Da Da" sound, as well as "Pa Pa Pa". I told my husband that if he said "Papa" before he said "Mama", I was going to have to sit him down and explain which side his bread was buttered on. Luckily, that didn't happen. Well, not yet anyway.

Alas, here is the account of my son's first word. Or not. (I'm anxiously awaiting your vote.)

It was a dark and stormy night... (Not really.) Robert was home helping to take care of the kids and I after we all had a bout with what I suspect was the flu. He had been home pretty much all week, so the kids had lots of face time with daddy. As my son sat on my lap, daddy walked by. As soon as daddy passed, Mark turned his head, looked right at Robert and said "Dada".

I immediately dismissed it as coincidence, since he says Mama all the time; the fact that he's ten feet away pulling his sister's hair when he says it is not really relevant. When Robert walked by a second time and Mark looked at him and said "Dada" again, I was afraid I had a turncoat on my hands. Little stinker! You see me all day, everyday, and don't say my name. Yet you spend one week home with dad and get his name down in no time flat?

In my defense, he has not said any words since (at least not with any sort of recognition... just babbling). We spent lots of time with daddy over the holidays with nary a peep from Mark suggesting he recognizes family members by name. If he had a grasp of language, wouldn't he have used it again? Especially if he could call out to his loving, wonderful, caring mother?

Right. That's what I thought too. Hence the neglect in mentioning it. I wouldn't want to steer you wrong.

Realization dawned as I wrote last Friday's post about Mark waving at the woman at the photo studio that I might have missed documenting my son's first word simply because it wasn't the word I was hoping for. After all, if I was so sure he waved at that woman because he did it twice, wouldn't it then stand to reason that he said his first word a month ago?

So there is my confession. I eagerly document the slightest new events as evidence that Mark comprehends the world around him, yet I let a major milestone simmer in the background of my mind.

Therefore, in true social media style, I put the question to you. Are we still waiting to hear from Mark, or do I have selective hearing? Survey says?!?

Do I get a vote? 'Cause I'm pretty sure I was there
when this whole thing went down...

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