Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Boo-Boos and Buzz

Gracie is still pretty non-verbal. She gets her point across when she wants to, and she can say quite a few words... some of which are even decipherable. But sometimes, you only know what she's saying when she repeats after you. Such as "Sorry" (usually directed at her brother, at our insistence) or "I Love You" - which so far has been reserved only for Grandma Dee Dee and Daddy. Sigh.

So, you can imagine my delight when Gracie decided to honor me with her first kiss for a "boo-boo". Yes, she knows how to say "owie" and she knows that many of her bruises and bumps can be fixed with a kiss from mommy. When I left for an early morning shopping trip on Saturday, Gracie was still sleeping. I came home to a great big hug (yay!) and then she noticed: Mommy had an owie! She pointed, said "owie" very clearly, and gave me the cutest little kiss - right on my chin. My owie? A zit. Sigh.

In other news, apparently Elmo and Gracie have ended their love affair. I'm glad I gave her sage advice last year about how to handle relationships. It must have been one of those "let's be friends" break-ups, because she still wears clothing bearing his moniker, and she even asks to see him from time to time. However, it's pretty obvious she's moved on. Maybe she found out he'd also been seeing Cate over at Uno,Dos, Tracey (it's rumored he even told Cate "Elmo loves You!" around the same time he was courting Grace).

At any rate, Grace has moved on to a more, uh, mature man. He's quite a bit older, and even has a job that requires a high degree of training and skill. He's very optimistic, and always ready to help out a damsel in distress.

Just three weeks ago, Grace would call me to her room each morning with a "Mommy! Mommy!" and then leap into my arms for a big morning hug saying "Mommeeee...!" Now when I walk into her room, she stands up, grabs her blankie, and says "Buzz?"  Sigh.

Luckily for Gracie, we have three entire movies devoted to her new love.
And I hear he has thing for redheads. *wink*

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