Saturday, February 26, 2011

I've Been Upgraded!

Spring has sprung at Sunshine SAHM! I've been cleaning and organizing the house like mad this month, and I decided the blog needed a makeover too. The colors are bright and cheery, and this design just makes me smile.

There are a few more changes around here worth mentioning. I upgraded not just the design, but also the blog address. I now reside at Now you can remember where to find me on the web! I have had numerous people ask about the blog, and I've had to send a link because no one could remember the site address. Problem solved. *grin*

Also, there is a not so new feature to the right. That little box on the top of the sidebar allows you to subscribe to Sunshine SAHM by typing in your e-mail address. Anytime there is a new post, it will be sent directly to your inbox, and you'll never miss an update of the crazy antics around here! The e-mail addresses are not visible to anyone but me, and I will NEVER share your address with anyone. I hate spammers too.

This re-design is a work in progress. I won't be changing it very often, but you may see a few design updates over time as I work with Julie over at LeeLou blogs to get the final product I'm hoping for.

I've been in my little corner of the blog world for over six months now, and I couldn't wait any longer to finally personalize Sunshine SAHM. Thanks to all of you for the encouragement you give me to keep on writing; I've had so much fun with it!

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