Friday, June 10, 2011

Another Week Gone...

I can't believe it's June already. The year is half over. It's not just me either. Living in California, we're usually quite well into the swing of summer by now. This year, the weather has only just caught on - we started the week with cold and rainy weather. Thankfully, the sunshine and temps in the 80's have found their way to the Sunshine SAHM household. Momma was goin' a bit stir crazy. Now she's just crazy.

Unlike last week, I actually took pictures this week! Yay! Mark got a new couch for his birthday (yes, his birthday was two months ago, but we just got around to spending some of the birthday money Grandma Dee Dee had given him):

Yeah, sure, the couch is great.
Where's the remote??
The Toy Story couch also came with 3-D glasses:

Dude, it's even groovier if you put your glasses on
while flashing the peace sign...

Um, sweetie? I don't think they're meant to be
worn quite that tight...
Grace LOVED the glasses, and was very disappointed (read: cried profusely) when we wouldn't let her sleep with them that night. Seeing the picture of her below reminded me of another photo I'd seen of a little redhead in glasses:

I'm not sure what this look is, but to
me - it's priceless.

This is ME - not daddy. I did indeed have red hair that
grew at about the pace that Mark's is growing... which is
to say, barely at all. I'm about Gracie's age in this photo.
Mark wasn't the only one who got something new. Grace got new shoes! She was very excited, as you can see:
Jumping up and down - in her ONE
shoe. She put it on when she woke up and
wore just one shoe for about half the morning.
Grace has begun to have opinions about what she wears, and likes to pick out different things for herself now. I generally let her, as I have no fashion sense whatsoever and couldn't care less if her outfits actually match. I figure if she likes what she's wearing and it covers all the important parts, that's good enough for me.

Imagine my surprise when I asked her to go get her socks on, and she returned with her socks and (ahem) HAT! I burst out laughing. She not only insisted on wearing her "hat" as we left the house, I forgot to tell her to take it off before going through the drive thru at the bank! The teller gave her a lollipop anyway. All I got was a funny look.

Grace with her socks and hat. Or last years'
bathing suit.  You decide.
Wednesday we had friends over to play. The boys showed Mark and Grace how play soccer, and Grace was thrilled that someone could actually play on the swing set with her, instead of just standing near it like mommy does.

Touchdown! Oh wait, it's the other kind of football.

Don't worry, no children were harmed
in the making of this blog post.
Grace loved playing with the "big" boys, and it opened my eyes to what life may be like in the future. Growing up, it was just my sister and I, so the conversations that Zach and Daniel had were quite entertaining to me and Gracie:

Zach created a "pet parasite", and used the word "destruction"
about ten times while he and Daniel perfected the "awesome
special powers" the parasite had for defeating enemies.
Grace is just astounded.

While my kids were napping, Zach showed Daniel "The
most awesome place in the UNIVERSE to sit."
The boys used the words death, dying, blood, destruction, awesome, universe, "ever" and "best", parasite, snake, and other boy words we rarely hear around here. They are great kids, and every time they came up with a description I was laughing. (Daniel was so hungry he was practically dying... and Zach was continually showing the kids the "best" and "coolest" stuff "ever".) We had a blast.

I hope you had a great week in your household, and that the sunshine came to visit you too. Hooray for summer! Oh, that reminds me. When the sun comes out, so do my freckles. En masse. So, it is a bit embarrassing to admit that I spent about twice as long as I should have cleaning the grape jelly off Grace's face this morning. What do those two things have in common? Well, the tiny spot of jelly on her nose wouldn't wipe off - I finally realized it was a freckle. Hee.

Yep, that tiny little dot is indeed a freckle...
the first of many, I'm sure!


Not Blessed Mama said...

my oldest has a spattering of freckles- they're so cute.
i love gracie's fashion sense! but i am still waiting for her to come clean my dishwasher. i'll supply the mop.

Sunshine SAHM said...

Oh yeah! I forgot Grace was supposed to come mop your dishwasher. I'll remind her to get right on over there to do that. Oh, and her work is NOT guaranteed - just FYI. :)

I think her freckle is adorable. She actually seems to have some more, but they are faint enough that I don't try to scrub them off. :)

Tracey said...

Oh, come now. I have a picture of Sam dressed up this week, and now he has been upstaged. :)