Saturday, June 18, 2011

Another Week Gone... Part One

This was a good week. A good week!!! This might be the first time I've ever written those words on my weekly post... hmmm. I should probably work on that. I have about thirty pictures to share, and that's just the first half of the week (now you know why this is late) so we'd better get to it.

Since the weather has finally decided that summer has arrived, we played outside. We have a nice backyard with a large grassy area. My kids did this:

Look mom! Dirt Pie!
Look mom! Dirt!
(Just dirt. He isn't cooking quite yet.)
Mark got dirt everywhere. I had a hard time getting it out of his ears during bathtime. I think he thought there was a contest.

I'm so good at this! I'm going to win the prize!!

No prize?!? Fine then. I'll just take my
talents elsewhere. Like DeeDee's house.
And that's exactly what we did. On Monday, we packed up and headed over the river and through the woods to Grandma DeeDee and Papa's house. They live on a couple of acres with lots of animals and large expanses of grass. My kids did this:

Look mom! Dirt!
(LARGE expanses of grass... ACRES of grass...
my kid finds the one mole hill.)

There was no prize for this display either.
He really does have a talent for it though...
We did lots of other things at Disneyland DeeDee and Papa's. Grace helped DeeDee make dessert:

If Grace gets any closer, we're going to have
to rescue her from the bottom of the bowl.

It's hard to see, but there is a little pink tongue
sticking out of that little red head.
The best part was when Gracie finally got a taste from the spoon. It was a lemon dessert. I wish I had a picture of that to show you! Ha! Surprisingly, after one small taste, Grace decided she'd had enough. Momma liked the dessert though!

We also did lots of fun stuff outdoors:

We said hi to the horsies...

and to the kitties...

Hi Maow!
We jumped in the water...

Well, some of us jumped.
Papa and DeeDee have all manner of wheeled transportation to choose from. Mark and Grace tried them ALL:

Grace has a lead foot like Grandma DeeDee. Here she's
actually standing on the pedal to make the car go fast!

Here she is practicing for future vehicle encounters.
 "I was going that fast officer? Goodness, I had no idea!"
Mark did his best to keep up:

Momma, you're not going to tell anyone I rode a pink bike
in just my diaper are you? Good. No one will ever know...

See Grace? This is a machine with REAL power.
You just have a little pink bike.

Uh, ignore the fact that someone is
pulling the machine with all the power.
 I'm still cool. ('Cause I'm only in a diaper!)
 The next morning, Grace and Momma watched t.v. together:

Good mornin' mommy!
(Yes sweetie, it IS a good morning!)
Later, Grace found another comfy spot to veg:

I'm afraid she may have inherited my
laundry skills...
Folks, we're this far in and I haven't even gotten to Wednesday yet! So, I will leave you with two pictures of the most adorable children I've ever given birth to, and leave Part Two of this week for tomorrow... double the fun!

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