Friday, September 30, 2011

Another Year Gone...

Happy 3rd Birthday Gracie!

It is September 30th. I am going to pretend that because we are technically still in Gracie's birth month, this makes it okay that her celebratory pictures and updates are three weeks late. Join me in my delusions, will you?

Whatever you say lady, just keep the sweets coming!
As usual, we continued our tradition of making Gracie's birthday cake together and then licking the beaters. Mark got to participate for the first time, since he was napping when we made his cake in April. As usual, there were no complaints!

How do you get the ENTIRE beater into your mouth??

Grace is a pro. At getting the cake batter off - not
at keeping herself clean...

Grace was super excited about her birthday this year, and seemed to understand a lot of what was going on. She saw some of her gifts early and kept saying "Gracie's present? Gracie's present?" She also would include the word "purple" when talking about birthday items. "Purple cake?  Purple presents?" She's also quite enamored with cupcakes these days. (I have no idea where this came from - maybe her Strawberry Shortcake cartoons?) So, despite the fact that mommy had a homemade cake all set to go, when we went to the bakery a few days before the party, mommy got sucked into the bakery's evil plans to thwart the budget when she saw the above "cupcake" cake that could be made in any color. Gracie's "Purple Cake" had been ordered before we left the store.

The festivities began just after 10 am, by which time it was only about 80 degrees outside. Apparently the weather has no concept of what the term "fall" means. Despite the heat, the kids had a blast putting together a toy Gracie had received on her "real" birthday the weekend before:
Gee, it's  a good thing people brought you gifts Gracie,
because you clearly don't have ENOUGH already...
It says here that if a child owns more than their
weight in toys, the other kids get to take some
home too. Yay!
Unlike last year, Gracie ate up all the attention rather than being shy when everyone sang Happy Birthday.

"See that huge purple cupcake? That's for meeee!!!"

This year, she even did a great job blowing out the candle.
As everyone enjoyed cake and ice cream, Grace got started on the presents.

Cousin Noah: "Hey Grace, if you're not sure what
to do with all those presents, I can help you out...
Just sayin'. I'm nice like that."

Grace loved opening gifts, and unlike last time, she was
quick to tear open bags and paper to get to the good stuff!

"OOOOHHH!" She was so much fun this year,
enjoying every gift!

She also understood a little better this year... when you
get to the "end" of one gift, it's time to move on to the next!
"Hey Daniel, did you see all those gifts? We're goin'
home with toys for sure! No way Gracie weighs
more than all that!"
Mark picked a little something out for Gracie himself:
"Look at what I just learned to do! Whatever I find,
I'll give it to you!! Happy Birthday!"
Mark really did find his finger fit into his nose for the very first time that day. He's had a few other new behaviors as well. Recently he's had some separation anxiety, and is constantly wanting me to pick him up.
"Down! Down! Down!"
(This is what he says constantly... when he wants me
to pick him up.)
Luckily for him, if mommy doesn't comply with his request, he knows there is no shortage of love at the family party!

"Finally! A woman who knows what the word "down" means!
Can you teach this to my mommy Auntie Kim?"
All in all, it was a wonderful day, filled with fun and happiness. And sugar. Lots and lots of sugar, as evidenced by this photo:

This, dear readers, is a classic case of sugar coma.
Glassy eyes, chocolate around mouth...
I may have failed to mention that we baked Gracie's cake the morning of her party, so the cake batter was eaten just after breakfast. She also got her share of cake and ice cream before opening gifts. But the above look indicates there was more going on that meets the eye...

You got that right lady. It was THESE.
I'm pretty sure Grace ate her way through a large amount of M&Ms. The question is, how did she get so many???

Oh look! DeeDee is giving something to the kids!

Oh look, someone placed the candy bowl
where Grace could reach it easily! I wonder
 who that was....

"Silly mommy! Don't you know to always ask DeeDee
when there's something you want?"

Yes, the "Grands" strike again. Grace had a blast at her party, and took a wonderfully long nap after all the days' events. Mark took a nap before we even got to the cake and ice cream, and later on he settled into his favorite "chair" while waiting for Grace to wake up:
"I'm working on finishing "War and Peace".
I figure it will take about that long for Grace
to sleep off all the sugar and excitement..."
Happy Birthday Baby Girl! I hope you had a wonderful day, and maybe you'll even remember your "purple party" as you grow older.

She insisted on wearing her "purple hat"...
until about 20 seconds later when the string
became too much for that little chin.

My Little Princess trying the Minnie Mouse cutout crown
from one of her birthday cards.
Thanks to all of my readers who have patiently waited for this post. There is so much more to share! Daddy was on vacation, and we have lots of pictures of the Children's Museum, the zoo, and even our basic everyday fun activities. I will try to bring those to you soon... in the meantime, enjoy the little ones in your life because time goes by far too quickly.

See You Next Time!

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